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West Passage Condominiums
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West Passage Condominiums

Hurricane Damage Evaluation, Design & Assist with Insurance Claim Settlement

Vero Beach, Florida

Client’s Objective:

Evaluate roof & exterior wall conditions of multiple buildings and document damage sustained from hurricane exposure.
Review temporary solutions to remedy the current damage conditions and make recommendations to curtail unaddressed leak conditions.
Prepare Bid/Construction Documents for permanent replacement of damaged roof assemblies in occupied condominium buildings.
Assist Client in reaching an appropriate settlement with the insurer.
Monitor installation to insure Code Compliance.
Services Provided:

Evaluation & Assessment
Moisture Testing
Construction Documents
Construction Monitoring
Insurance Claims Assistance
Project Monitoring


ART performed a thorough evaluation of the roofing, above roof walls, claddings and components of the affected building in the Association, and provided a detailed assessment report of damages and deficiencies. Temporary remedial solutions were provided to mitigate continuing damage at leak locations which were unresponsive to the emergency repairs.

Construction documents, specifications and design services were provided for the replacement of affected components damaged during recent hurricane events. The design considerations included specifications for a complete roof system (claddings, fasteners, underlayment, and flashings) that meets and exceeds geographic wind-uplift requirements to withstand up to category 3 force hurricane winds. The construction document design and details received a 20-year NDL complete system warranty from the manufacturer.

ART prepared the construction contract and conducted a pre-bid conference with contractors that were pre-approved by ART for the Client. ART reviewed the bids and negotiated with the contractors to provide the most cost effective solutions while maintaining the integrity of the design.

During this process, we assisted the Client with preparation of insurance claim and other supporting documents, and negotiated an insurance claim settlement to facilitate an fair compensation.