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Versailles Co-Op

Roofing & Waterproofing Evaluation and Design

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Client’s Objective:

Replace 39 year old built-up roofing system, complying with logistical concerns and environmental regulations.
Replace penthouse terrace decks with new waterproofing and traffic surfaces.
Stop vertical wall leaking.
Remove roof top wall partitions and provide means of egress between penthouse units.
Update mechanical rooftop piping to comply with current building code requirements.
Improve existing roof drainage.
Services Provided:

Preliminary Design
Construction Documents
Project Management
Project Inspection
Asbestos Survey (by others)

Versailles Co-op Fort Lauderdale


Construction documents providing for removal of the original roof and the addition of tapered insulation to promote drainage of the new Hybrid built-up roofing system.

System was approved by a manufacturers for a 20 year, certified single source warranty.

Existing terrace paver blocks and waterproofing were removed. Reinforced monolithic waterproofing, with a 3” sloped-to-drain topping slab, was designed to facilitate traffic decks. System received a 15 year watertight warranty.

Construction documents provided the method of vertical wall preparation, repair of water-damaged surfaces, and a three coat high mileage waterproofing system. A 10 year warranty of this system was approved by a major manufacturer.

Demolition of existing partition walls was required to accommodate a means of egress between penthouse units. This design included an unobstructed pathway, fall protection and bridge to cross elevated mechanical piping.

Abatement of asbestos containing mechanical pipe wrap, raising, supporting and painting of piping to comply with building code requirements.

Design of seven new rooftop internal drains, to better facilitate drainage.

Tapered Insulation at Interior Drain

Mechanical Equipment Stands Redesign Prior to Re-roofing