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Trade Port Industrial Park

Atlanta, Georgia

Phenolic Induced Corrosion of the Metal Substrate

Client’s Objective:

Provide expert technical assistance regarding claim for compensation.
Develop construction document addressing the Phenolic condition.
Maintain a dust free environment with respect to a bonded warehouse operated by a tenant.
Services Provided:

Evaluation and Assessment
On Site Testing
Construction Documents
Full Time Project Observation
Assistance in Claims Settlement

Phenolic induced corrosion resulting in the degradation of the existing metal deck substrate.


During our initial evaluation it was discovered that Phenolic insulation was utilized within the existing roofing assembly. Further evaluation displayed moderate corrosion of the existing metal deck. Development of a comprehensive report, substantiated through on-site testing, was utilized to file a claim for compensation.

Design considerations included complete removal of the existing roofing system, claddings, flashing and related components; preparation of the existing substrate, including the removal of existing rust scale, debris and metal decking at locations where deterioration effected the structural integrity. Criteria were then developed to include the painting restoration and/or replacement of the existing substrate depending on the amount of corrosion present at the time of repair process. Due to the nature of the structure’s current usage, (a bonded warehouse) traditional means of interior protection were not considered to be adequate at various locations throughout the interior of the building. Additional precautions were implemented, including a full time interior crew, coordinating all operations with the building owner and the tenant management. Design and project management was performed by assembling a task force, including the owner and tenant, to facilitate the needs and requirements of the building’s intended use. Additional compensation was acquired to accommodate the special requirements of this facility.

Metal Decking prior to the preparation of the substrate

Properly prepared metal substrate

Overview of the metal decking after restoration