Phillips Point Towers

Phillips Point Towers
You Cannot Manage What You Have Not Measured.
Phillips Point East and West Towers

Palm Beach, Florida

Redesign of Roofing, Waterproofing & Window Systems

Phillips Point East and West Towers

Client’s Objective:

Evaluation of the roofing and waterproofing systems (East and West Towers)
Provide solutions to stop a 13 year leak history.
Develop design with aesthetically pleasing results.
The roofing system must be repairable by facility personnel.
Provide proper slope to drain at dead level roof elevations.
Noise related tasks must be performed between the hours of 12 A.M. and 7 A.M., without interruption to the facilities schedules.
Services Provided:

Evaluation and Assessment
Moisture Testing
Material Testing Analysis
On Site Testing
Structural and Mechanical Evaluation (for roof related components only.)
Preliminary Design
Construction Documents
Project Management (as assistance to the owner’s management.)
Full Time Project Observation

Glass Curtain Wall Evaluation


Roofing – East Tower: Through comprehensive evaluation and testing, it was determined necessary to remove the existing ballasted EPDM roofing system. A white (PIB) synthetic rubber roofing system, over lightweight concrete, was designed for replacement areas visible from the adjacent west tower and received color matched, pink Hypalon coating.

Roofing – West Tower: Specifications were developed to repair damaged roof areas and provide an ongoing annual maintenance program for the existing Hypalon roof system. Maintenance of this roofing system provided over a half million dollar savings to our client.

Waterproofing – East and West Towers: Testing and analysis of the existing conditions revealed improperly installed and deteriorated waterproofing components. Moisture infiltration was discovered at several locations including, concrete panel joints, glass curtain walls, planters expansion joints and traffic decks. Construction documents included concise detailing for the complete removal of existing materials, preparation of surfaces, repair of damaged locations and the installation of new sealant.

For the first time since original construction, this facility has remained leak free since the completion of the project.