Michael Miller

Michael P. Miller                     

Project Manager & Field Inspector


Mr. Miller, a graduate of Kent State University College of Business, specializes in the technical aspects of building roofing and exterior envelope field inspections, detailed assessments, testing, maintenance/repair and replacement cost estimating, and project scheduling. He is well versed in various computer programs geared towards field data in the construction arena such as MS Projects, Excel, Access, C++, Visual Basic and Oracle, in addition to his knowledge of exterior envelope problematic issues and remedial solutions.

Mike’s technical applications provide a faster, more accurate report of conditions to our clients, such as the assessment of the roofing assemblies’ useful life and annual maintenance costs compared to the cost of replacement of the assemblies. This imparts our client with important information for managing their facility assets, budgets, and schedules.

Mr. Miller monitors the quality and effectiveness of ART’s Consultant Associates. He directs the progressive stages of operating projects and determines the proper implementation of our services to meet each client’s’ time and budget objectives and maintains on online “project book” to coordinate all project efforts and assure deadlines are met and all team members are aware of schedule changes and deadlines. The project book is a standardized template in which key project information is summarized to provide quick access to project information. The book includes various checklists used to ensure proper steps are taken at each phase of a project; a project directory of all project contacts; client objectives; design phase checklists for all disciplines; quality assurance checklists; code requirement checklists; meeting agendas; and other standard procedures for ensuring the project team takes an integrated and comprehensive approach to each project.

Mike has vast experience working with a multitude of Client bases, including governmental, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, food storage, educational, institutional and transportation. Included in this, Mr. Miller has developed knowledge of geographical factors including High Velocity Hurricane Zones, seismic areas and Factory Mutual insured requirements.

With background education in computer system technology, data entry in a variety of programs and practical applications, Mr. Miller is an asset to our company. Mike has also brought a variety of business related skills, including accounting software applications, business and budget management, business law, cost, financial, and managerial accounting.