Liberty Property Trust

Liberty Property Trust
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Liberty Property Trust

Hurricane Damage Evaluation, Design & Assist with Insurance Claim Settlement

Client’s Objective:

Evaluate roof & exterior wall conditions of multiple buildings of varying types after damage sustained from exposure to multiple hurricanes.
Supply temporary solutions to remedy the current damage conditions.
Prepare Bid/Construction Documents for permanent repair/replacement of problematic building conditions for all buildings.
Assist Client in reaching appropriate settlements with the insurer.
Monitor repair/installation of remedial work to insure Code Compliance and fulfillment of applicable Contract Documents.
Services Provided:

Evaluation & Assessment
Moisture Testing
Material Analysis
On-Site Testing
Construction Documents
Project Monitoring

Overview of Damaged Roof Area

Installation of Temporary Repair


ART performed comprehensive analysis and demonstrative testing on all effected properties, in some cases after each occurrence of multiple hurricanes, documenting the related damage. Prior to final repairs, ART provided Liberty Property Trust with means for temporary remedies to mitigate continuing damage to the subject properties, and enable facilities without fatal structural damage to continue to operate.

On the effected properties, ART provided design work addressing permanent remedial repairs or replacement of assemblies damaged by hurricanes on a building by building basis. Included in the designs were complete systems that met or exceeded the geographic building code requirements for wind-uplift and in accordance with ASCE-7 (wind -uplift calculation criteria). The Construction Documents enabled our Client to receive unprecedented 20 year NDL complete system (underlayment, flashing and cladding) warranties from the respective roofing manufacturers for each property.

ART then continued through the design process by publishing individual sets of Specifications, Detail Drawings, Contract Documents for each affected property and provided each with assistance for other related issues including Pre-Bid activities.

During the design process, ART assisted the Client with preparation of insurance claims and other supporting documents as well as assisting the Client during the insurance claim process, to facilitate appropriate settlements.

To complete the associated projects, ART provided the Client with Bid Award, project start-up, and on-site monitoring assistance of roof replacement or specified remedial repairs.

Demonstrative testing was performed to investigate moisture infiltration and assembly attachment mode of failure.

Project monitoring to ensure proper installation in accordance with Contract Documents.