Laboratory and On-Site Testing

Laboratory and On-Site Testing


You Cannot Manage What You Have Not Measured.
Laboratory and On Site Testing Services

ART also provides testing and laboratory services to evaluate material components, confirm initial field observations, and provide a conclusive basis for implementing cost-effective solutions to your roofing upgrade needs. An overview of ART’s laboratory testing services include the following:

Instrumented thermographic survey of designated roof areas with AGA Model 750/782 imaging system.
Verification of moisture content via moisture probes and/or capacitance sampling where applicable.
Identification and painting of areas of moisture-laden materials and/or energy loss.
Core sampling analysis of system construction where applicable.
Thermographic and photographic. documentation of wet area profiles.
Convection oven dry testing of roof test samples for moisture content.
Asbestos core sample testing.
Specific testing and procedures include:
ASTM-D2829 Sampling and analysis of built-up roofs
ASTM-D3617 Sampling and analysis of new built-up roof membrane
ASTM-D92 Flash and fire points by Cleveland open cup
ASTM-D226 Asphalt saturated organic felt
ASTM-D227 Coal tar saturated organic felt
ASTM-D1863 Mineral aggregate used on built-up roofs
ASTM-D1864 Moisture in mineral aggregate used on built-up roofs
TAS-105 Field withdrawal resistance testing
TAS-106 Field verification of bonding of mortar or adhesive set tile systems
TAS-114 Testing for roof assemblies in high velocity hurricane zones
TAS-124 Field uplift resistance testing of roof membranes
TAS-126 Roof moisture survey

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