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Design Review, Preliminary Evaluation Services, and Demonstrative Testing

Cranberry, PA

Client’s Objective:

Conduct a review of construction documents, shop drawings and As-Built Drawings.
Address immediate issue regarding ongoing moisture infiltration problems in shopping center
Develop budgetary considerations for remedial repair/replacement of roof, windows and awnings to resolve moisture infiltration problems.
Services Provided:

Construction Document Review Services
Preliminary Evaluation and Assessment
Demonstrative Testing
Prioritized Budgetary Analysis

Overview of Project Staging

Site investigation of an isolated location revealed that 1” of wood fiberboard was actually installed for an approximate R-value of 2.6.


During the preliminary evaluation and assessment, ART identified a number of design and construction deficiencies contributing to water damage within the building and long-term deterioration of the structure; including moisture damage at the exterior walls of the building and corrosion of the interior roof deck.

ART then performed a comprehensive review of available construction documents, submittals, shop drawings, and as-built drawings for discrepancies and to verify for the Client that the roof system and related cladding and components specified met applicable code requirements and acceptable construction practices.

Based on the preliminary evaluation and the design review, demonstrative testing was performed to verify design and construction deficiencies and problematic conditions concerning the coping, awning, flashing and vertical wall construction; as well as a cross sectional analysis of the building’s roof assemblies.

ART then provided the Client with a prioritized 2 phase budget to remediate the immediate moisture infiltration problem as well as budgetary considerations to address the building’s other interrelated issues.

Significant metal deck corrosion was observed at build out locations utilizing an open return plenum for the HVAC system.

Installed cleat fasteners were observed to be improper and were noted to be withdrawing from the wood nailer, compromising the attachment of the coping cap.