Institute for Scientific Research

Institute for Scientific Research
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Design-Build Review of New Construction

Fairmont, West Virginia

Client’s Objective:

Critique architectural design of the exterior building envelope.
Determine the best course of action to resolve the current deficiencies.
Review Construction Documents, submittals and Shop Drawings.

Building rendering illustrating the South and East elevations

Services Provided:

Design review of construction documents, shop drawings and submittals.
Evaluation and assessment of installed construction components.
Material testing and analysis.
On-site testing of installed materials.
Remedial design solution of both design and installed components.
Intermediate observation of installed materials through completed operations.

Southern Exposure

Southwest Exposure


The Institute for Scientific Research (ISR) retained our services to assist in determining solutions to the problematic design issues which had become apparent during the construction of the building exterior. As remarkable as the building exterior is, the zero tolerance for moisture infiltration required by a controlled environment laboratory facility, and the impracticalities of transitioning between normally incompatible materials and custom fabricated metal components, needed to be addressed in order to make the design work.

We conducted onsite evaluations of the previously installed components, then worked directly with the Architect, Construction Manager and Subcontractors in review of Shop Drawings, Details, Specifications and Project Submittals to identify design issues throughout the exterior envelope of the building. In meetings between the parties involved, changes in design were set to establish specific solutions resulting in compatible transitions between assemblies utilizing materials and designs which met the Client’s budgetary, aesthetic and moisture/air flow constraints.

Follow-up site visits were then conducted on a regular basis, and as requested by the General Contractor, to ensure accurate and consistent execution of the proposed changes in the construction.

Northern Exposure