FIU Education Building

FIU Education Building

You Cannot Manage What You Have Not Measured.
FIU Education Building

Miami, Florida

Evaluation, Design & Expert Witness

Client’s Objective:

Determine the source of moisture intrusion causing sick building syndrome during the construction of the new facility.
Provide evaluation of existing conditions.
Supply solutions to remedy existing conditions.
Prepare bid/construction documents for repair of problematic building.
Services Provided:

Evaluation and Assessment
Moisture Testing
Material Testing Analysis
On Site Testing
Construction Documents
Project Observation

FIU Education Building


Comprehensive analysis and demonstrative testing revealed problematic conditions throughout the waterproofing envelope. Exterior stone veneer, windows and roofing system all required corrective design.

Stone veneer – Removal of the existing stone, waterproofing of the structural wall with trowel borne reinforced membrane and application of a new stone veneer.

Windows – Correction of the existing installation and replacement of the sealant at the window to wall location.

Roofing – Complete removal and replacement of the system was necessary due to lack of adhesion of the existing roofing system. A new Hybrid built-up roofing system was designed.

All corrective design specifications were accepted by major manufactures for extended warranty periods, resulting in a leak free building. We also provided the primary expert testimony during the litigation proceedings, resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement for the University.

Computer aided roof plan view drawing of the FIU Education Building