Due Diligence Review

Historic Pittsburgh Paints Building

ART’s team of experienced roofing and waterproofing experts is often called upon to perform due diligence reviews prior to the purchase of an existing building, to protect their Clients’ investment and minimize the risk of poorly-performing building envelopes that can be extremely expensive and disruptive to repair “after the fact”.

Planning a major new facility and need a roofing/waterproofing specialist to review the design documents, to gain more comfort that the building envelope will function properly in protecting your new facility against severe weather conditions for the next 20 years?

Exterior Envelope Design Review

Institute For Scientific Research

Prior to the bidding and construction phases of a project, ART is also called upon to provide detailed reviews of design and construction documents, so that any deficiencies affecting the integrity of the proposed roof/exterior wall components can be addressed early in the project, not during the bidding and construction phases when changes become much more expensive and cause delays of the project.

Completed Client Sample Projects:

Institute for Scientific Research

Cap Advisors