Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services
You Cannot Manage What You Have Not Measured.
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Services

Unfortunately, recent experiences have taught us that no one is immune from natural disasters.

Whether the impacts are felt in isolated facilities or widespread areas, the human and business losses can be staggering.

Once the dust settles, recovering from a natural disaster can involve monumental efforts and costs.

Phone lines and cell towers may be down. Previous assessment documentation and existing building drawings may be damaged or lost.

Temporary repair services may be expensive, if available at all. Construction costs skyrocket. Tenants are anxious to limit their business losses and restore vital business operations.

Are you prepared?

ART has the experience to assist you in planning for the worst and helping in quick, efficient recovery operations following a natural disaster.

On-call assessment teams can be quickly assigned to document damages and the cost to repair. Electronic databases or asset management programs can make document retrieval quick and easy, including contact information for your emergency contact personnel, historical assessment reports documenting the value of your roofs, and CAD drawings and specs for use in the reconstruction… All easily distributed to the entire recovery team via the internet, so that temporary repairs, permanent repairs/replacements, and insurance claim settlements can be expedited and your tenants can be back in business as soon as possible.

Completed Client Sample Projects:

Liberty Property Trust

Harbor Inn at the Moorings