Construction Phase Services

Construction Phase Services
You Cannot Manage What You Have Not Measured.
Construction Phase Services

The appropriate type and amount of support services during the construction phase of any project depends on a variety of factors: type and complexity of the installation, duration of the construction phase, quality of the actual field crew providing the installation and, in the case of repair/replacements projects, the strategic value of the facility content or tenants to the Customer.

The best set of construction documents and construction contracts cannot overcome poor installation procedures, and won’t necessarily result in a successful project. In the vast majority of “problem” roofing projects, poor installation procedures are the culprit. If left undetected, faulty installation procedures can result in rework, cost and schedule overruns and, inevitably, Customer frustration and dissatisfaction.

For this reason, on-site construction phase inspections by ART seasoned professionals are often considered the highest value service by our Customers. Depending on the individual project needs and Customer desires, ART can provide any combination of the following construction phase services:

Assist Owner in preparing the Construction Contract between client and contractor.
Schedule and conduct pre-construction conference and progress meetings.
Review shop drawings and product submittals.
Conduct intermediate inspection of the project.
Process the progress payments and final inspection.
Provide full project management services including full-time or part-time inspections for construction review, observation, quality control and problem resolution.
Provide in-progress Florida code compliance inspection and uplift testing services for flat, tile, and shingle roofs.
Upon contractor’s determination of substantial completion, prepare a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items and observe the correction and completion of work.
Determine final completion, provide written notice to Client and have contractor notify manufacturer that project is ready for final observation.
Secure and transmit to Client all guarantees, affidavits, releases, bonds and waivers.
Completed Client Sample Projects:

Private Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Sacred Heart University Chapel