Confidential Pharmaceutical

Confidential Pharmaceutical
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Confidential Puerto Rican Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company

Project Description:

Design review for insurance mandated wind rated roof & mechanical assemblies and above roof wall claddings and components for 425,000 sq. ft facility
Low and steep slope roof assemblies required for insurance compliance.
Above roof walls, claddings and components, to meet negotiated insurance upgrades.
Upgrade mechanical equipment for improved energy utilization and conformance to meet wind load attachment criteria.
Clients Objective:

Negotiate wind load conformance to appropriate existing structures capacity.
Obtain a long term commitment from the insurer for wind load conformance.
Maintain plant productivity throughout the construction process. (If air particulate and/or moisture levels deviated it would result in an FDA mandated (3) three day shutdown.)
Provide interior protection and air quality monitors throughout the construction process.
Provide remedial solutions that include long term remedies with applicable maintenance schedules and requirements.
Maintain watertight integrity throughout the project in spite of the fact that the project was located in a rain forest.

Installation of Granular Surfaced Cap Sheet
Services Provided:

Design Review Services
Negotiations with the insurer based on our assessment and our findings.
Engineering review including: Structural, electrical and mechanical.
Project management assistance
Full-time observation and reporting.

Overview of cap board fastener pattern and base ply installation


ART provided an engineering assessment and negotiated reduction of wind velocity uplift requirements from 175 mph to 145 mph 3 second bursts with insurer. Some of the many obstacles ART and their contracting partner had to overcome were such as FDA monitored zero tolerance of dust/moisture contaminates infiltration, the need to have continued operations of $35 million in product production and packaging daily during the remedial work, and the relocation of mechanical equipment while maintaining operations.

Daily and periodic reports were provided, detailing the work completed for the day, the weather conditions, any deviations from the Specification and directives given to the contractor and Client for resolution of problems and complimented by photographic documentation. ART assigned a Project Manager and Project Lead to monitor the installation of the new system, attend project meetings as required by the Client, prepare daily and periodic reports, and provide directives for problem resolution. A Project Liaison was assigned to the Project to ensure timely and accurate delivery of all applicable daily, weekly and periodic reports, as well as obtain weather data for inclusion in reports, and track the quantity of materials used. Prior to substantial completion of the Project, a Project Condition Analysis Report was prepared documenting outstanding issues and items required to be completed by the contractor for the Client’s review. The report consisted of a summary of work to the completed and photo documentation, listed by roof section, of the observations made during the review.

Upon substantial completion, ART performed a final inspection of the roof, and provided a report detailing any outstanding items that necessitated completion. Periodic monitoring of the installation of metal coating on mechanical penthouse walls was performed to inspect for proper thickness and workmanship.

Monitoring of metal roof panel installation.