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Confidential FDA Manufacturer

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Design For Roofing and Mechanical Units

Client’s Objective:

Negotiate wind load conformance to appropriate existing structures capacity.
Obtain a long term commitment from the insurer for wind load conformance.
Maintain plant productivity throughout the construction process.
Provide interior protection and air quality monitors throughout the construction process.
Provide remedial solutions that include long term remedies with applicable maintenance schedules and requirements.
Maintain watertight integrity throughout the project.
Services Provided:

Forensic review of the existing facility and as-built drawings.
Negotiations with the insurer based on our assessment and our findings.
Preliminary design and engineering.
Engineering including: Rooftop structural, electrical and mechanical to resist wind velocity speeds of 175 mph
Project management
Construction components.
Material testing and analysis.
On-site testing of installed materials.
Remedial design solution of both design and installed components.
Full-time project observation of installed materials through completed operations.

Core Sample Revealing Oxidized Membrane

Corroded Decking was Observed


ART provided comprehensive analysis of the facility’s roof and related rooftop mechanical unit components, and design addressing replacement of assemblies in a high velocity hurricane zone. Included in the design considerations were installation of a complete system (claddings, fasteners, underlayment, and flashings) that meets or exceeds geographic and insurer wind-uplift requirements. Some of the obstacles that had to be overcome were as follows: An architectural substrate that did not meet wind uplift compliance, inappropriate drainage, lack of mechanical unit wind uplift prevention rating and the continued operations of the plant under construction operations. ART’s attachment design saved the Client over $1 million in construction costs.

Completed Project