You Cannot Manage What You Have Not Measured.

Due Diligence Services for Roof and Above Roof Walls

Las Vegas, Nevada

Client’s Objective:

Assess the general overall condition of current roof assemblies.
Evaluate the feasibility of returning the roof assemblies to a maintainable condition.
Recommendations to address the deficient conditions identified through the course of the evaluation.
Recommendations for repairs or replacement of the roofing system.
Guideline budgets associated with the recommended course of action.
Services Provided:

Roof Evaluation and Assessment
Due Diligence Services
Budgetary Assessment




ART provided an assessment of the roof and above roof vertical walls for each property, including taking core samples of each roof to verify the underlying membrane conditions and determine type and condition of the deck. Interior surveys of the roof deck underside were also provided.
Roof systems on both properties were noted to have been in overall poor condition. The inter-ply asphalt was observed to be oxidized to a powder and the granular surface cap sheet was deteriorated.
Upon the assessment, ART determined the remaining usable service life on both facilities’ roofs to be minimal. Budgetary numbers were provided to the Client for the capital expense of re-roofing of the buildings and providing upgrades to the buildings’ mechanical systems.
Additionally, yearly inspection and maintenance budgets for both properties were provided by ART.

Membrane Bridging was Observed

Inter-ply asphalt was observed to be oxidized