Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services
You Cannot Manage What You Have Not Measured.
Facilities Assets Management Services

ART develops customized Facility Asset Management Programs for Roofing, Waterproofing and Rooftop Mechanical Equipment. We also provide software for the Client to maximize the benefits of Asset Management, with real-time access to standard reports made available through secure Web Portal reporting systems. Typical components of our asset management programs and related services include:

Master plan and reporting system, with access to relevant information based on management levels utilized by the Client.
Electronic drawings of each roof area, including locations of all components and equipment.
Evaluate and estimate the remaining service life of the components and determine if maintainable or non-maintainable.
Database containing existing nomenclature, type, name, size and location of each facility and roof area.
Historical database including names, identifications, warranties, types and installation dates of each roof area.
Detailed cost estimates for maintenance, repair, and/or replacement options for roof areas requiring upgrades.
Life cycle analyses of repair vs. replacement options, based on Client’s economic assumptions and remaining service life of building/lease considerations.
Project priorities based on strategic value of facility or tenant space.
Multi-year budget for implementing projects on a prioritized basis, integrated with the Client’s annual budget constraints.
Reports to track status of all projects and preventive maintenance work.
Web Portal Customer Reports