Art Inc (Advance Roofing Technology’s)

You Cannot Manage What You Have Not Measured.

ART Inc. is an independent, professional consulting firm providing inspection, engineering and laboratory testing services for roofing, glass curtain wall, above and below grade waterproofing, and related historical restoration projects, based on a foundation of values.

Our values include uncompromising integrity and ethical decision-making. We rely on a team of professionals, most with over twenty years of industry expertise in the most challenging environments, to form long term business relationships that help our Clients achieve personal success.

 Business Philosophy

These values support all of ART’s actions:

  • Assume total accountability for the success of a project.
  • Provide accurate and intelligent analysis for each project.
  • Pursue all tasks with the goal that they will be performed in a superior manner.
  • Respect for the individual and their personal, as well as business objectives.
  • Demonstrate personal honesty and integrity through leadership example.

In summary, ART is founded on a “Win- Win” philosophy where:

  • Clients receive high quality, responsive, and cost efficient service.
  • Projects are successful in meeting the long-term business goals of the Client.
  • The successful implementation of each project – large or small – builds a long-term relationship mutually beneficial to both ART and our Clients.
  • As an independent consulting firm, we do not have any ties with manufacturers, suppliers or contractors.
  • ART is completely accountable, working solely for the Clients’ benefit, ensuring our clients receive unbiased recommendations and competitive bidding.